Ajman Free zone Business Setup

Ajman Free zone Business Setup

Ajman Free zone has been creating countless opportunities for foreign Investors since 1988. The free zone is popularly known for its easy smooth remote company setup in UAE. Ajman Free zone business setup is one of the most popular options, located right next to 4 seaports as well as 2 International airports, making it a thriving business environment for traders.

The free zone allows Investors to have 100% ownership. Ajman company set up can be completed in 3 to 4 working days with the help of our esteemed business setup consultants in Dubai.

It’s no secret that Ajman Free zone setup cost is one of the most cost-effective solutions compared to Dubai free zone company formation cost. One of the most remarkable priced units is the Ajman warehousing units. AFZA free zone has one of the most cost efficient state-of-the-art facilities especially for SMEs and a very remarkable annual maintenance cost. Ajman free zone license cost starts from 5000 AED for the Pioneer license package.

Another benefit is that Ajman free zone is one of the few jurisdictions issuing the investor visa nowadays. Investor visa allows coming to UAE 1 time in 12 months instead of 1 time in 6 months for other visa designation holders.

The Ajman Free zone visas, for both employees and investors, are both valid for a period of 3 years and renewable thereafter.

Ajman trade license cost meets each and every investor needs with various office packages, from virtual office facilities, physical office spaces, warehouse units and even land leasing for a period of 20 years and also renewal for an additional 20 years in case a client prefers to have a more customized option for his business requirements.

AFZA offers various licensing registration options such as commercial, industrial, professional activities as well as one of the most popular requested activities of all times - the so called e-commerce license.

Ajman free zone business center packages allow unto a maximum of 2 visas, whilst the Flexi desk (which is a desk in a sharing office) units permit 3 visas. Last but not least their Executive office facilities allow investors to apply for 5 visas and more. In case the client requires additional visa quotas they will need to get a bigger facility with the free zone and the pricing  will depend on the size of the office.

The 4 major requirements you need to prepare in order to get started with the Ajman Free zone setup are as follows:

  • 3 options of the company name in order of priority
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Address + contact details
  • NOC letter for those currently on UAE resident visa

Advantages of Ajman Free zone

  • Ajman Freelance company option issued under a corporate entity, not an individuals name
  • Allows foreign ownership in other jurisdictions without limitations
  • 100% repatriation of profits
  • Exemption from corporate tax
  • Simplified and efficient immigration procedures
  • Cheap warehousing solutions
  • Installment payment plan option available

One of the major concerns for most Investors are answered below by the experts from the field:

Can l live in Dubai if l have an Ajman Free zone company?

Answer - there are no restrictions in which emirate you can live in the UAE, investors have an option to settle down in any emirate of their choice.

Can l Open a bank account in Dubai ?

Answer - Investors have an option to open the bank account whether corporate or personal in any UAE bank in Dubai or any other preferred branch location.

Can l get my driving license in Dubai if my visa is issued in Ajman?

Answer - your driving license needs to be issued from the emirate your resident visa is issued at.

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