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Dubai Company Formation Cost

Dubai company formation price. What is this? What does the question mean and how to answer it in short? There is no short answer to this as Dubai has a long list of registering authorities. Each of the registering bodies will offer different terms and conditions and there is no way to provide a unified quote for them.

However we can try to consider a specific option and look into details together. Let’s take as an example the DMCC free zone. We already know about its pros and cons, about its convenient location and great value and now it’s time to talk about prices.

So how much will it cost to establish a company in DMCC? Please see the breakdown below:

Initial approval1,015 AED + knowledge fee 20 AED
License20,285 AED
Registration fees9,020 AED
MOA2,020 AED
Establishment card1,800 AED
Flexi desk eligible for 3 visas18,460 AED
Flexi desk admin fee610 AED
Flexi desk refundable deposit1,000 AED
Total:54, 210 AED

This is not a tiny setup but the one which is suitable for a well-established business that understands how the market will react and how to operate in UAE.

If the size is too big for you, you can always consider smaller options in free zones outside of Dubai but of course only if they will cover your needs.

So which direction should you move? Here you can ask for guidance from specialists in business setup in UAE. Since I am the one but I do not have full details of your needs, I can give only a bit of generic advice.

For example, you hold a European passport, you need only 1 visa for yourself and plan to deal in used cars trading or in marketing consultancy. Which setup should you choose? I would suggest looking into the option of Umm al Quwain free zone company formation. It’s a great option for those who need 1-2 visas and have a simple business activity. They offer a promotional package for 3 years and for a small start it’s a perfect solution. But if you do not plan to grow much and want to have a stable option, maybe you would prefer the International free zone Authority (IFZA).

There is a great and cost-effective option which can be a deal for those who need a port free zone but Dubai free zone company formation cost in a jurisdiction like JAFZA is too expensive. Have a quick look into Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD free zone). They offer a great solution at an extremely reasonable price and have some trading activities which are not available anywhere else.

Which other options can be interesting for you? Sharjah free zone company formation cost is good for those who are willing to get a physical office but at cheaper rates than in Dubai. No doubt, Dubai is great but not everyone can afford it. Sharjah is based just 15 minutes away and why not use this opportunity?

So what is the conclusion? Dubai company formation cost is not affordable to any pocket but there is always a way to get the best out of it. Once we get the directions from you, we will do our best to find the perfect match for your needs.

You can still live and enjoy your life in Dubai while going for work to Sharjah or maybe you will even choose to live in Sharjah as the cost of living is definitely cheaper there. Give us the directions and we will give you the tools for your business start in UAE. We look forward to finding a right solution for you!

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