How business consultants in Dubai can help you?

Most of the businessmen who want to open their company in the UAE, take a decision to use the services of professional business setup consultants.

There are a few reasons why:

  • They want to save their time
  • The need to get a full overview of the registration options and the benefits
  • They wish to have a one-stop solution for their business needs without searching for separate providers for every single assignment

Typically, a consultancy company should be able to identify your requirements and challenges that might come on the way and offer you a solution according to your needs and budget.

Business setup services in Dubai

What kind of services can a team of qualified setup professionals offer you? Here are the main ones:

  1. Business setup
  2. UAE residence visa
  3. Identification of suitable banks
  4. Accounting and audit
  5. VAT registration and quarterly filing of the reports
  6. Company renewal
  7. Any miscellaneous documents for the company or clearances and attestation of papers
  8. Family visas for your dependents
  9. Marketing solutions
  10. Web-design
  11. Corporate cards, logo, corporate identity kit
  12. Tax advisory

We recommend checking out a few consultancy companies and their business setup services in Dubai before making a final decision. Our clients told us that they checked at least 5-10 different providers before they chose us.

The most popular type of request any consultants are getting is business setup in Dubai Free Zone. No wonder, free zones have a lot of benefits for a business owner such as:

  • Ownership of a company 100% without local sponsor
  • Quick incorporation
  • Easy maintenance
  • No need to rent a physical office
  • 0% taxes

However, there are a lot of free zones out of Dubai, which might not be so well-known, but provide the same or sometimes even better benefits than Dubai ones. There are over 40 free zones in the UAE overall - it’s definitely a good idea to hire a consultancy company in order to understand which zone is more suitable for your business.

The zones are located in all the emirates: Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain.

Cheapest company formation in UAE

In comparison to many other countries, business setup in UAE is not the cheapest to set up. However, the benefit of zero taxation eliminates this drawback for many people. But anyway, what is the most pocket-friendly way to register a business in the UAE?

The cheapest type of business registration in UAE is a RAK offshore company formation. It costs only 3,000 USD to register and about 2,000 USD annually to renew.

Incorporation is fast and can be done without the personal presence of the shareholders.

RAK offshore company has a few limitations though:

  • The business can be done only outside of the UAE
  • The company is not eligible for UAE residence visas

Apart from that, RAK offshore setup requires more time for the business bank account opening.

This is an ideal type of company for those who do not want to reside in the UAE and carry out their business internationally.

A big benefit for bank account opening will be having an existing business in your home country.

In case you are planning to get UAE residency and conduct the business inside the UAE, you need a free zone company.

The cheapest free zone set up now can be done in Ajman Free Trade Zone. This zone has an offer of a freelance license only for 6,000 AED (1,643 USD). The license is eligible for 1 resident visa, so if you need to get one, this option is perfect for you.

How to start a business in Dubai

Typically, any business setup in Dubai undergoes the following stages:

  • Pre-approval of company name and business activity
  • Preparation of corporate documents of the company
  • Signing the documents by shareholders (personally in UAE or from home country - depending on the authority of business registration)
  • Submitting the documents to the authority for the registration
  • Making payment
  • Receiving the registered company

This process may take from a few days to a few weeks - everything depends on the speed of the shareholders in terms of preparation and signing of the documents.

In case you have business setup consultants in Dubai, they will carry out all the processes for you and you will just need to sign the documents. You can be sure that the company will be registered smoothly and quickly.

Normally, a few of your personal documents will be required for the registration of your business:

  • Passport copy
  • Utility bull or any documents which can be used as your address proof
  • Copy of your entry stamp to UAE (in case you apply for a visa eligible company)
  • Your email and phone number

If you have never been to UAE before and want to apply for a company eligible for resident visas, you will have to come forts for the registration (in order to get the entry stamp) and after that for your resident visa processing.


We strongly recommend hiring setup advisors in the UAE in order to make your business registration easy and be sure that you have not missed any good option in the market.

It costs double to correct mistakes in the future rather than protect yourself from making them in advance.

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