Ideas for Profitable Online Business in Dubai

Ideas for Profitable Online Business in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries with its lowest crime rate, zero taxation, flexible foreign business set up policies, and a stable national currency. All that makes it a haven for online business ideas in Dubai.

While the major part of UAE population has 24/7 access to the Internet, and more and more people are looking for purchasing goods online, e-commerce is probably the most promising business initiative currently. The first and, sometimes, the hardest part is choosing the best business concept, which will be profitable and longevous. Below, you will find some online business ideas to start in the UAE.

Internet-based business ideas that are not related to IT

E-Tutoring Marketplace

More and more parents realize that a specialized education is essential in modern life. But a high competition among students has made finding a relevant private tutor quite a complicated task. You can eliminate such a difficulty by starting an online business in Dubai- a web-based marketplace with ads of private tutors, providing their profiles with detailed information, reviews, and ratings. Students will be able to choose the tutors, and you will make money from successful matches and advertisements.

Furthermore, you can get the e commerce licenseand register a company that is providing an online studying platform for students and tutors.

Job Search Portal

Since there are thousands of new graduates each year looking for a job, starting a job search portal might become one of the best online business ideas 2020 for making money. You should just categorize jobs based on industry keywords, and provide a list of organizations hiring workers, interns, or business setup consultants in Dubai. You will get money from the recruiters for posting ads, plus their access to applicants' resumes and portfolios. You can also add some extra services, such as professional resume writing.

Car Wash Booking Marketplace

As Dubai is a desert city, cars get covered by sand and dust here every day. Besides, public car-washing here is forbidden by the government. Therefore, most people turn to professional car-washing services approximately once a week. It would be very convenient if car-owners could have access to the resource with the list of top car washing services in the city. Run such a website and get your income from ads and booking services.

Consider Ajman Media Free Zone, which is a newly created free zone that has been opened with an aspiration to provide a reliable and customer friendly professional environment for businesses.

More ideas for online business for IT specialists

Since the IT field is swiftly developing and more and more companies and entrepreneurs are running their businesses online, you may consider online business ideas, such as:

  • Technology blogging. If you have expertise in any subject related to technologies and have some ideas about what to share with the readers on the Internet, try running a tech blog.
  • Online computer cleaning. On-site computer cleaning services are highly demanded now since the users have no need to come with their devices to specialized service centers. Consider such a web-based company setup in Dubai to start making money.
  • Web designing. A professional designer should just have a computer with an internet connection to start providing his/her services from home as a freelancer.
  • SEO consulting. If you are an experienced SEO-specialist, consider starting a business related to this field. You will provide organic SEO tactics and improve customers' websites from an unknown stage to page one ranking.

Due to the considerable support from the UAE government to transform its capital city into a diverse and advanced knowledge and service-based economy, Dubai has become a real finding for beginning and experienced people in the business. Having a unique idea, thorough planning, and enough perseverance, you have all the chances to start a successful and lucrative business.

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