Ras al Khaimah economic zone street

Ras al Khaimah economic zone

One of the most prominent UAE free zones all over the world is the Ras al Khaimah economic zone. It is also known as Ras al Khaimah free trade zone. Why do people know about it so well, you will ask me. Let’s look into this in detail. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Location. The free zone is located next to one of the biggest UAE ports and is nearby to the airport.
  2. Facilities. RAKEZhas maybe the widest choice of warehousing and office facilities all over UAE.
  3. The number of registered companies. The free zone has over 15,000 companies registered which is giving the opportunity to spread information by word of mouth.
  4. Marketing. They are holding an aggressive marketing campaign and it is hard to remain ignorant about the free zone.
  5. Prices. RAKEZ is providing multiple packages that can allocate any customer.

If you are considering business setup in free zones and you search about it at least once, you will definitely come across this name. But how can you decide what exactly is the best package for you and if RAKEZ is the best solution in your case? You can contact a company which is dealing with business setup in UAE and who can guide you and explain the pros and cons of this decision.

When I hear RAKEZ Ras al Khaimah economic zone I always ask clients for clarification (from where they heard about it and why this option is preferable). It’s true, for some cases it’s the best and the only solution however in other cases it’s not the most suitable.

For example, right now the package “Women in Power” is booming in RAKEZ. But on the other hand, it can be compared to the Ajman Freelance package which might be even more cost-effective. But of course, it depends on the individual case. As not everyone is entitled to become a freelancer.

RAKEZ itself is not easily structured and its payment plans have a lot of details. As an example, if you ask me about business setup in Ras al Khaimah, I will need to know your business first. Ras Al Khaimah trade license cost depends on the business activity you carry out.

Activities are divided into the following groups:

Commercial - starting from11,440 AED (3,135 USD)
Service11,440 AED (3,135 USD)
General Trading29,535 AED (3,135 USD)
E-commerce15,550 AED (4,230 USD)
Media8,240 AED (2,260 USD)
Educational14,240 AED (3,900 USD)
Women in Power3,600 AED (1,000 USD)

Of course, the starting price mentioned above is for the smallest available package and they are mostly 0 visa packages but will perfectly work for some of you who already have their own visas. If you do need a visa, you can contact business setup consultants in UAE and we will be glad to provide you with the detailed information on the prices.

However if you are open to opportunities, it will be better if you describe your situation in detail and we try to find the best solution for you. We are always open for discussion and can help you to find the right approach to your needs and wants.

Among other cost-effective options I would name Ajman Freelance permit and International Free Zone Authority (IFZA). Their packages currently are booming and in high demand because of their flexibility and affordable prices.

But you should keep in mind that a freelance license is not the same as a proper company. Freelance is a one-man-show where you are the individual professional and operate with your knowledge and reputation. However, regular companies can hire employees, open corporate bank accounts and even register with tax authorities if required.

As I mentioned before, your type of setup depends on the requirements. So let’s explore your options together.

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