We are engaged in international trading between India and Africa. We need to open a company in UAE and a bank account.

Asked by Daniel

If your company is not carrying out any business in UAE and your do not require UAE resident visas, you should definitely go for an International Business Company (or Offshore company).

Such company is eligible for a bank account in UAE. You can manage your account through a convenient online banking system.

Your income is not taxable, repatriation of the capital is full.

International Company can be formed within 5-7 days with minimum documents required. It is also possible to form a company without your personal presence in UAE.

Answered by on 16 Oct 2014

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  • By Ed JcDan / 08 Sep 2015 / Reply

    What if someone wants to carry out international trade, which may not involve UAE, but still wishes to have UAE residence (in addition to a UAE Bank Account) to benefit from UAE’s location ?

    My complements for a neat website. Very clear-cut and concise, but still quite informative 🙂

    • By Andrew O. / 17 Sep 2015 / Reply

      Thank Ed for question. Free zone company allow you to get UAE residence. Umm Al Quwain free zone is most cost efficiently free zone. The cost of the basic license package is 20 500 AED. It includes license and flexi-desk facility – a desk in a sharing office.

      Company has to be renewed annually. Renewal cost is 18 500 AED. Audit is not required.

      Your company will be eligible for 2 visas. Each visa will cost 2 500 AED plus 1 200 AED for Medical checkup and Emirates ID.

      The time-frame for setting up of such company is 2-3 days. After that we will make application for Establishment card. It takes around 1-2 weeks to receive it, depending on central Immigration. When this card is ready, we can apply for visas. Entry visa takes 3-5 days to get issued.

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