Ajman free zone warehouses

All free zones in the UAE are competing with each other in terms of the facilities they provide. Every zone has flexi-desks and offices. But very few UAE free zone offer industrial facilities for rent to its clients. Ajman Free Zone  is one of them.

Ajman free zone warehouses have always been popular. No wonder - they are located right in the Ajman port, next to Ajman customs office, within quick and easy reach to Dubai. 

If you are looking for a warehouse for your business, come and view them in Ajman! All of them are new, modern, have electricity and water connection.


The sizes of the warehouses in Ajman free zone vary from 100 sq meters to 1000 sq meters.

There is also a block of staff accommodation nearby. It is useful if you need your workers to live close to the production site.

All warehouses come with in-built bathroom and office area. They are fully prepared for you to start work: just move in your equipment and staff and start operations! 


Ajman free zone allows light manufacturing, storage or assembling/re-assembling activities within its warehouses. Before leasing a warehouse, you will need to provide a detailed business plan, where you have to describe the activity and the procedures to be done in the warehouse, electricity and water requirements, number of staff who will work in the warehouse.

You will also need to make a drawing in case you are planning to make any alterations inside. 

Ajman port

Ajman port which is located next to Ajman free zone warehouses has quite a small harbor.  The anchorage depth is 9.4-10 m and the cargo pier depth is 4.9-6.1 m. Dry dock is large and the maximum length of a vessel is 500 feet in length.

Ajman Free Zone warehouse benefits

Ajman is the only free zone in the UAE which officially offers a multiple installment payment plan for your company formation. Such plan can be used for warehouses rent. It means that you can pay the first installment and get your license together with a warehouse lease. There can be 2,3 or 6 installments, but you need to guarantee the next payments by a UAE banks' post dated cheques.&nb

Companies in Ajman warehouses

Currently Ajman free zone warehouses are occupied by various business types, such as: water purification, import/export, clothes manufacturing, freight forwarding and others. Your business could become one of the members of this community too. 

If you want to check warehouse availability or form a company in AFZA - click here!