Meet local advisors

We are a team of corporate advisors based in Dubai. We won't overload you with the words about us over here, because we are busy providing the best services to our clients right now.

We have been in the UAE market since 2013. Since then, we have opened over 3000 companies. We have provided 25,000 consultations. We know all possible options of your business registration.

We have become partners and good friends with all major Free Zones of UAE: DMCCDWC (Dubai South)SHAMS, SAIFUAQ Free zoneRAKEZRAK ICCAFZAKIZADIFZAAJMAN MEDIA CITY.

We are the first UAE constancy company, who started to publish full business setup fees online for the sake of transparency. Today, you can find all updated price-lists on our web-site, which you can easily download as PDF documents.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you. Don't lose the time, contact any manager for a free consultation now!