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  • Company setup consultants in Dubai

    Company Formation Consultants in Dubai

    Helen setup advisor Emirabiz company

    BY: Helen

    08 Jul 2020

    Company formation consultants in Dubai have a huge area for operation and can make your life easy and nice or complicated and miserable. Our job requires a lot of knowledge and being up-to-date at all times. We also need to know the best products, deals and understand which solution matches the client’s needs better. Business setup in Dubai is not only about the paperwork but also about understanding what you choose and why.

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  • Knowledge Base. Dubai Company Formation Cost.

    Dubai Company Formation Cost

    Helen setup advisor Emirabiz company

    BY: Helen

    07 Jul 2020

    Dubai company formation price. What is this? What does the question mean and how to answer it in short? There is no short answer to this as Dubai has a long list of registering authorities. Each of the registering bodies will offer different terms and conditions and there is no way to provide a unified quote for them.

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  • Ras al Khaimah economic zone street

    Ras al Khaimah economic zone

    Helen setup advisor Emirabiz company

    BY: Helen

    03 Jul 2020

    One of the most prominent UAE free zones all over the world is the Ras al Khaimah economic zone. It is also known as Ras al Khaimah free trade zone. Why do people know about it so well, you will ask me. Let’s look into this in detail. Here are the reasons why:

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  • UAE Freezone Company Formation

    Freezone Company Formation

    Helen setup advisor Emirabiz company

    BY: Helen

    14 Apr 2020

    Sometimes we need to open up the topics which are utterly important and very sensitive to our clients. When you choose to take a step and consider overseas company formation or even when you live in the same country you might get plenty of questions and will try to approach authorities for the guidance. We receive a lot of requests every day from the people in need of help. If everything was so easy, people would not approach consultants. So what is the milestone of freezone company formation?

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  • Start a business in the United Arab Emirates

    Mainland company formation in Dubai

    Setup advisor Olivia from Emirabiz

    BY: Olivia

    13 Apr 2020

    To start a new business especially in a new country is always an uneasy decision. All the countries have different regulations on how to register a business, what is important to have for it, a set of specific rules and laws which are mandatory to follow. To start a business in the United Arab Emirates has its specialties as well.

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  • Open company in Dubai

    Open company in Dubai

    Timi setup advisor Emirabiz Team

    BY: Timi

    11 Apr 2020

    As business setup consultants in Dubai, we have a lot of people asking what is freezone in Dubai. A free zone in the UAE is regarded as a jurisdiction where expatriates can register their company and own the company shares 100%. These companies are exempt from corporate profit taxes. They are also permitted to use their licenses to carry out their businesses in any of the 7 Emirates in the UAE.

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  • Jumeirah Lake Tower Dubai

    Companies in JLT Dubai

    Patricia coordinator and renewals advisor Emirabiz Team

    BY: Patricia

    09 Apr 2020

    If you are seeking to set up a company in UAE, in particular Dubai, then one of the best areas to do so is Jumeirah Lake Towers also known as JLT. It comprised clusters of buildings starting from A - Y. They comprise of both residential and commercial buildings making it a great place to run your business not to mention a nice location to live with numerous recreational areas such as parks, lake, pavements to walk by, outdoor gyms as well as convenience stores and close proximity to Dubai metro that connects the whole city.

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  • Ajman Free Zone company formation in UAE

    What do you gain from Ajman Free Zone company formation in UAE?

    BY: Andrey Ovchinnikov

    08 Apr 2020

    Ajman company registration has recently become an alternative to the business setup in Dubai. Ajman is a promising region that is growing rapidly. Many foreign investors are starting a business in Dubai, while others have recently noticed a growing potential from its neighbouring emirate of Ajman. Now more people want to know not only how to register a company in Dubai, but how to register one in Ajman.

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