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Setting up a Local Mainland company in Dubai is an easy and transparent process.
Registration takes up to 21 days.

Advantages of having a Local Mainland company:

  • No taxes
  • Direct access to local UAE market
  • Almost no limitations on activities. Different approvals may be required for specific activities
  • Prestige in the eyes of counteragents and partners
  • Easy to open bank account and to work with governmental bodies
  • Large number of visas and less restrictions on nationalities compared to Free Zones
  • No Minimum Capital Requirements from 2012

Choose Local Mainland license


This type will suit professional services company such as consultancy, interior design firm, accounting company, etc.

one expatriate owner and one local agent

Local agent – 0%
Expatriate owner – 100%


This type is similar to SOLE ESTABLISHMENT, but there is more than one expatiate owner.

two or more expatriates and one local agent


Local agent – 0%
Expatriate owners – 100%


This type will suit trading company, retail store, beauty salon, travel agency, nursery, etc.

one or more expatriates and one local partner


Local agent – 51%
Expatriate owners – 49%


This type will suit a foreign company who needs to have an office in UAE. Activity is limited to marketing and representing.

foreign company and one local agent.


Local agent – 0%
Foreign company – 100%


This type helps to expand Free Zone company’s market opportunities.

Free Zone company and one local agent


Local agent – 0%
Free Zone company – 100%

Find a reliable partner – a resident of the UAE

It is necessary to have a UAE citizen as partner or agent

In order to open a company in the UAE, you have to find a local partner – a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, who will nominally be a co-owner of the business. Usually such partner is simply referred to as “local”.

Your relations with the “local” will be regulated by a Memorandum of Association that has to be signed and attested in the Court. Usually locals do not interfere into your business affairs. Their responsibility is to represent your company in sych governmental bodies as Ministry of Labour and General Directorate of Residency and Foreighers Affairs (simply knows as “Immigration”).

However, if you do not want your local to take even that responsibility, you may require a Power of Attorney from him, that will enable you to carry out all the relations with these Authorities.

Needless to say, you should be careful when choosing a local. For example, if he is sponsoring many companies, and some problems arise in one of them, all of the companies under his sponsorship may be blosked, causing delays and troubles in your business.

Local Partner

Go through the company registration procedure

The company is to be registered by the Department of economic development

A brief step-by-step process of company registration in the UAE:

  1. Trade name reservation
  2. Applying for a license in the Department of Economic Development
  3. Getting pre-approval
  4. Making up the Memorandum of Association
  5. Attestation of the Memorandum at the Notary public
  6. Renting an office
  7. Getting the office location approved by the Planning Department
  8. Payment the invoice for the license to the Department of economic development
  9. Getting your license

What will we do for you:

  • Chose the right legal form for your business
  • Find local partner with good references
  • Prepare the documents required for business setup
  • Conduct the formal registration procedure
  • Get your license from the Department of Economic Development
  • Provide informational support for you

Elena Ovchinnikova - Company formation expert

Helen K. / Business Setup Expert

I help you to register business in the UAE as well as promote a start-up company in the market

Any questions?
CALL ME! +971-52-832-4065 or SEND MESSAGE

Fee structure for Dubai company registration

License & incorporation cost12 000 AED29 000 AED
Local sponsor’s or agent’s fees15 000 AED20 000 AED
Establishment Card1 000 AED1 000 AED
Our professional fees for company formation9 500 AED9 500 AED
Total37 500 AED59 500 AED

Please note: the above government cost is only an approximate cost. The fees may vary based on the activity chosen, no. of shareholders and size of the office. The balance amount should be adjusted immediately once the additional cost is communicated.

Visa Processing Fees

Government Cost3 000 AED4 000 AED
Refundable deposit (Refundable upon cancellation of visa)10 000 AED3 000 AED
Our Professional fees1 000 AED1 000 AED
Total14 000 AED8 000 AED

Please note: The above Govt. cost is only an approximate and any difference in the same should be reimbursed by the client.

All approvals are subject to discretion by immigration. We do not take any responsibility if the application is rejected.

How we work

We need your presence only twice!
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0 day


We get in touch with you and see how we can help you.

Contact us by filling out the form

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1st day

The beginning …

We sign contract with you and get the power of attorney from you. We get down to work. We prepare the documents and submit them to the Department of economic development.

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5-6th day


On 5-th or 6-th day you need to meet the local and sign Memorandum of Association, which has to be attested by a notary. After that we continue our work: collect the remaining documents and submit them to governmental authorities.

14th day

All is done!

We monitor the registration procedure, and as soon as everything is ready, we send you the license by e-mail. The license as an electronic PDF document.

Within 10-14 days* the license will be in your pocket!

If you need to register business urgently, we offer company registration in 4-5 days.

*Terms and conditions may vary depending on your company’s activity.
Some documents have to be approved by relevant ministries and departments – it may take extra 5-7 days.

With us you win


you get a competent dedicated manager for the whole set up process


no hidden fees – we will give you all government receipts


we will find the best solution to fit your requirements


all your personal information is strictly confidential


one company for all your needs – license, visa, bank account, governmental approvals, ect.

We value our customers and they are happy with our service

Straightforward and honest

Dec, 2014
I find Emirabiz business approach straightforward and honest. Their team always clearly answers all my questions and gives me sufficient information. They are open to any request I make and offer reasonable solutions for it.

Excellent Service

Jan, 2014
I really like high level of customer service provided by Emirabiz. They reply e-mails quickly and always call me even if I am outside of the UAE. With Emirabiz I am always updated and well-informed about their actions.

Frequently asked questions about Mainland company formation

What is included into your service?

We do complete company registration from A to Z including visas for the owners. You also get business support services such as marketing, web-designing, consulting on any issues related to business or life settlement in the UAE.

Do I have to be present in course of company registration?

You have to be present only twice – at the initial stage and at the stage of signing Memorandum with your local sponsor. All the rest will be done by us. The only thing we need from you – Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

What are your conditions and requirements?

We start our work straight away after we sign a Service Agreement and receive service payment from you.

What do I have to do to open a company with you?

You need to make a few simple steps:

  • Give us description of your business
  • We propose the best option of registering it
  • You issue for us a Power of Attorney and pay service fees
  • Wait till we finish all the work
  • Get your license

How long will registration take?

Usually it takes around 12-14 working days providing we don’t have to get additional approvals for your business.

Can you help to open bank account?

Yes, we can. We can help you to prepare all the necessary documents and go to the bank with you.

What if the company registration did't succeed by any reasons?

In this case we will return you a part of your payment. We will hold only the amount of to cover the work that has been done by us up to the point when the process stopped by some major force reason not depending on us or you.

What other services can you provide?

You also can get business support services such as:

  • marketing
  • web-designing
  • logo and brand-kit design
  • business events organizing

What is your business activity?

Tell us about your business or just ask a question!

Within 3 business hours after getting your request we will contact you

How shall we contact you?

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