MOFA attestation online

There are different reasons to attest the documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC). In most cases the purpose of the attestation is to use the UAE issued documents in the foreign country or to legalize the international documents for the UAE.

It could be attestation of marriage and birth certificates, commercial invoices as well as any other company documents. MOFA introduced a Smart registration system i.e., MOFA attestation online - a virtual attestation request.

The Smart registration for companies grants access to services on offer for private sector companies, public relations companies and other institutions and individuals.

How to request MOFA attestation online?

Here is a step by step instruction:

Step 1. Go to the MOFA website: and create an account (SmartPass Login).

To do this, click on the login/register icon (the icon on the top right corner).  Choose the Individual registration option which is the SmartPass. 

Once you have registered and verified the account then you can start the entire application.

Step 2. When you are logged in, choose the Services option on the task bar.

You see a drop down menu with options including Individual Services and Business Services.

For MOFA attestation online request you either choose Individual Services or Business Services depending on the documents you want to attest. For company related documents, choose the Business Services option and for individual documents, choose the Individual Services option.

Step 3. Whether you have chosen the Individual or Business Services, the following stages are the same.

Click the option “Attest Official Documents, Certificates and Commercial Invoices.”

You will get all the detailed steps to follow to apply for attestation as well as the required documents and terms and conditions.

Step 4. On this page you will have to click “Start Services” to start the attestation request.

Step 5. Fill up the attestation request form

  • On “Select Country”, choose the country where the documents were issued
  • On “Attestation type”, either choose “Certificates” for individuals or “Commercial” for business related documents; for any invoice attestation choose “Invoices”.
  • Enter your email address and any notes to MOFA for emphasis sake.
  • Once you enter all the required information an “Add New” button will appear.
  • Click “Add New” to upload all the documents to be attested (make sure to choose the correct documents type) and Submit.

Step 6. Once submitted, you will automatically receive an email from MOFA confirming your submission.

This email is a formal approval for you to make payment.

Step 7. After receiving the email, go to your account and choose the “My Workspace” from the menu.

It will give you an access to your attestation request and payment option.

Step 8. To make the payment, click the request ID number.

Note: Print out any confirmation that shows the payment was successful.

Step 9. MOFA will send you an email confirming a successful payment containing the Reference number.

The next stage will be to send the original documents to the MOFA offices for attestation.

Last step. Arrange delivery

  1. Contact Emirates Post on 600599999 to schedule a pick-up of your documents. To schedule a pick-up you will need to provide the receipt number from the payment confirmation email which you got.
  2. Ensure that all the original documents and a copy of your payment receipt are enclosed before handing them over to the courier.
  3. MOFA will attest your documents. It takes 24-48 hours to attest the documents once the authority receives them.
  4. You will receive an email/SMS notification when the attestation process is completed.
  5. Emirates Post will contact you to arrange for document delivery.

This MOFA attestation online service includes educational and medical certificates, marriage and divorces contracts, powers of attorney, trade licenses, certificates of good standing, board resolutions...etc, in addition to the attestation service of commercial contracts and agreements.

It makes MOFA attestation online a quick and convenient tool for those who do not have time for running around the government offices and waiting in the queues.

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