What is the meaning of DMCC

DMCC stands for Dubai Multi Commodities Center. It is one of the largest and most recognized free zones of the UAE. It is located in Dubai in the district of Jumeirah Lakes Towers, or JLT. 

DMCC hosts more than 14,000 companies. Each company registered in this DMCC free zone holds a suffix “DMCC” at the end. For example “ABC TRADING DMCC”. The suffix, in this case, indicates the place of company registration. 

Every UAE free zone has its own type of suffix it adds to the companies, but the most common ones are FZE, FZC, and LLC. 

Speaking about DMCC, this free zone is specialized not only in activities related to commodities. You can find a suitable business activity for your company even if it deals in other sectors: IT, consultancy, investment, petroleum, engineering, events and many more. 


Whereas DMCC Dubai meaning a free zone, JLT means a geographical area of the city. 

The area of JLT consists of clusters, each of them has 3 towers. They can be commercial or residential or even mixed. It makes JLT a very convenient place for work and living. 

Companies registered in DMCC can have their offices only in JLT. They can rent an executive office in any business tower of this area or get a flexi desk in JLT. 

Flexi-desk is a minimum office requirement for any company in the UAE. It is simply a desk in a shared office which can be used certain number of hours per month. 

DMCC benefits:

  • Well regulated and recognized free zone
  • Easy bank account opening
  • Dubai residence visa
  • Possibility to rent an office is a well-maintained business district
  • Multiple business activities in one license - up to 6 of them

Setup business in DMCC

DMCC is one of the best places in the UAE for business registration. However, it is not so cheap as the free zones in the northern Emirates. It suits more developed businesses or international companies, planning to relocate to UAE. 

Apart from DMCC, there are other Dubai free zones such as DWC, TECOM group free zones, Dubai World Trade Center zone, JAFZA, DAFZA, Silicon Oasis. 

If you are wondering how to start a business in Dubai, you may spend long hours studying the information about all these authorities. Business consultants in Dubai can save your time and help you get a better understanding of the benefits of each jurisdiction in Dubai and other Emirates. 

Setup business in UAE

You may know that UAE is literally full of various business registration authorities. They are located in all the Emirates.

If you are interested in UAE free zone company setup, check Dubai based and non-Dubai based free zones - the majority of the free zones outside Dubai are quite similar. They have some variations of business activities and registration procedures, but generally, they might look almost the same. 

Dubai based zones provide more benefits for your business, but the setup and annual renewal costs are higher. 

Each business and each entrepreneur is different. There is no unified solution that would suit everyone. We highly recommend to contact business setup advisors and get a free consultation in order to find the place which would suit your needs and budget. 

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