Ajman Free Zone business plan

Ajman free zone is one of the business setup authorities which requires business plan. Business plan for Ajman free zone license is necessary only for service/professional activities, for example Marketing Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Advertising Consultancy and many others. 

The business plan is required on the day of your company formation. You need to come to Ajman free zone with a prepared plan. It will be checked and verified by the management on the spot and upon approval, your license will be issued. But sometimes the business plan is not approved and the authority asks you to update it or change completely. Why?

Many Investors simply copy a description of their business activity from Internet and provide it as a business plan for Ajman free zone. Imagine, how many exactly the same plans the free zone is getting on a daily basis! Such practice is not acceptable and such business plans are returned to the applicants. 

However, don't feel that business plan for Ajman free zone should be over complicated.

A few tips on preparing a business plan are here:

  • write about the real activity you are planning to do
  • give background of the shareholders with relevant experience
  • say a few words about your plans in UAE and international market strategy
  • give a few figures of expected turnover
  • express your plans about possible expansion
  • mention if you are planning to have any employees 
  • emphasize the importance of the business you are planning 
  • add information about your existing business in the same field if you have it

Keep simple business plan

The plan should not be very long. Keep it as a 1-2 pages document - keep in mind that the free zone managers need to be able to understand your plan and approve it at the time of submission.

Do not stress yourself - make a simple plan, use some information from the Internet if needed, but do not copy-paste it completely. The more understandable your plan is, the faster your license will be issued!

If you want to form company in Ajman free zone authority or to prepare a business plan for Ajman free zone, click here.