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Ajman Free Zone Company setup cost

Talking about the UAE free zone company setups, it is worth mentioning that setup in a more remoted from Dubai Emirate, like Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, and others is more cost-effective in comparison to business setup in Dubai.

It can be explained by the location - the other emirates are less tourist attractive but it doesn't mean they are less functional for the successful business. We will discuss how to set up business in Dubai, let us have a look at one of the lowest-priced free zones - Ajman free trade zone.

Indeed, Ajman free zone company setup cost and operation will be effective for the people who are looking for smart business solutions.

The Ajman free zone company setup cost can vary upon different factors. Every business model requires a specific type of license. Upon the nature of the business activity, the license type will be chosen accordingly.

One more factor which is essential is the UAE is resident visa allocations under the license. The Ajman Free Zone company setup cost is directly linked to the number of visas under the license. There can be from 0 up to 5 resident visas.

In Ajman Free Zone there are five types of licenses: Trading, Service, General Trading, Pioneer Package, and Freelance license. All the costs for the company setup according to various types of licenses are different.

All the businesses related to the commercial activities (ex. food trading, raw materials trading and etc.) are going to be assigned under the trading type of license. The lowest cost of such license is 13,535 AED + 110 AED for company name pre-approval.

This license allows you to obtain 1 visa under the company. The visa costs are not included in the license cost and need to be paid separately. A license with 2 UAE residence visa allocations is going to cost 21,985 AED + 110 AED for the company name pre-approval.

The license needs to be renewed annually. The cost of the license at the renewal will be the same as at the incorporation.

To incorporate a company in Ajman Free Zone with a service type of license will cost 16,135 AED + 110 AED allowing to get 1 visa. The 2 UAE residence visa package is 24,585 AED + 110 AED. The license needs to be renewed yearly.

The General Trading license in AFZA is 18,735 AED + 110 AED with 1 UAE residence visa allocation. If you are planning to go for a 2 UAE residence visa package it’s going to cost 27,185 AED + 110 AED.

The most cost-efficient license all over the UAE is considered to be a Freelance company setup in Ajman Free Zone. The license cost is only 6,000 AED + 110 AED. This price is very attractive compared to other emirates, it gives a chance to almost everyone to try themselves as an entrepreneur at a low cost. This license allows you to obtain only 1 UAE residence visa.

Another attractive license cost in Ajman Free Zone is a Pioneer Package. This type of package was specially made for young people (20-30 years) to support them with the launch of their startups and help them to start their businesses. The license cost is 5, 000 AED + 110 AED. Under this type of license, you are allowed to have only 1 UAE residence visa.

The visa fee is 2,800 AED (including medical test and Emirates ID valid for 3 years). An additional cost will make E-Channel 2,100 AED plus a refundable deposit of 5,100 AED to be made to the immigration authorities. It will be returned after the company closure and visas cancellation.

Some of the businesses can require a rent of an office space or a warehouse which will add extra cost to the Ajman Free Zone company setup.

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